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There is no consultation fee, consults are free for you.

One box contains 14 powder packets of OPTIFAST®. If you will be consuming 4 shakes a day, you will require 2 boxes of OPTIFAST® per week (28 packets for 1 week).

We encourage patients to discuss your goals in weight management with your family doctor, but you don’t need to have a referral.

You MAY have irritability, headache, bad breath, fatigue, constipation. Usually patients have side effects only during first 1-2 weeks of the program.

You may get OPTIFAST® in the clinic. You may pick it up or arrange the delivery.

Yes, both coffee and tea are allowed on OPTIFAST®. You should only consume 3-4 cups of tea and coffee per day, and remember to steer clear of milk, cream, and sugar. You also cannot drink alcohol while on the OPTIFAST® program.

OPTIFAST® doesn’t require a prescription since it is classified as a “food for special medical purposes”. You will need to see a special clinic, where a medical provider will assess whether or not the program is right for you.

This depends on the insurance company and level of coverage. In many cases, these expenses can be covered by extended benefits and health savings accounts.

Yes, you can! Generally speaking, we do not recommend to exercise during the first week, but is depends on your physical shape.

According to the official website, most type 1 and 2 diabetics that are overweight or obese are eligible for the OPTIFAST® program. It can also adhere to the guidelines for gastric bypass surgery preparation.

This will be assessed during your initial consultation. Generally speaking, patients whose BMI is greater than 30 or BMI greater than 27 and less than 30 but with obesity related health issues will qualify.

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