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Weight Loss Articles

Tips and strategies to beat obesity

Optifast and Insulin Resistance

What does it mean, insulin resistance, and why it is very important to rid of it to keep your weight healthy and stable? Insulin resistance is a condition commonly seen in overweight persons. This is a condition when insulin is not able to help carbohydrates get into the body cells (mostly muscle cells), and as a result, carbs cannot be used for energy. The muscle cells send a signal to have more insulin, and the body has more and [...]

Building a Support System

Why do I need support for losing weight? Can I do it alone? Yes, you can, that's true. People can do it alone when it comes to losing weight, but the road to success may be swifter if you have support. Why people often are reluctant to develop a supporting system for weight loss? Fear of failure, shame "to be on the diet again", an embarrassment to ask for help. But building support may be crucial to your weight [...]

Benefits of OPTIFAST®

Why OPTIFAST®? Everyone knows what to eat, how to lose weight, make healthy choices, how to reach an ideal weight and be successful in that. What is the difference of the OPTIFAST® weight management program? This program combines the expertise of multiple specialists to provide a personalized weight loss experience. This approach is used because we know that losing weight and keeping it off is not always easy and that we usually need help on that way. [...]

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