Everyone knows what to eat, how to lose weight, make healthy choices, how to reach an ideal weight and be successful in that. What is the difference of the OPTIFAST® weight management program? This program combines the expertise of multiple specialists to provide a personalized weight loss experience. This approach is used because we know that losing weight and keeping it off is not always easy and that we usually need help on that way.

Do you remember finding and trying that “best diet in the world”: healthy, complex and practically impossible to keep? Many of our clients complain that those diets involve too many ingredients, and a lot of cooking. When you finish your lunch you have to think about food for dinner, after dinner you realize you need to buy two ounces of organic tuna and avocado from the grocery store… OPTIFAST® weight management program is unique because it gives you precise control over the calories that you consume without weighing, measuring, and cooking.  It allows you to concentrate most of your energy and time on learning new habits in other areas, such as increasing physical activity, developing a supporting environment, and coping with “lapses”. It is a really important point, and for some reason we don’t think about it. Imagine yourself with a lot of responsibilities: work, family, friends, etc.  And above all of that you have to remember what to buy in the grocery store and what to cook (for your family and for yourself). Sometimes it is just too much obligations for you, and you feel overwhelmed and disappointed, interrupt the diet, and then feel guilty about it. It works like a vicious circle, again and again.

With OPTIFAST® you are free from those obligations: you have four shakes a day with all the nutrients, don’t waste your time for shopping and cooking, but you earn time for changing. After some time on shakes you learn how to manage calorie intake as you gradually return to self-prepared food later in the program.

What are the main components of OPTIFAST®?

High quality protein is a major component of the OPTIFAST® product.  Research has shown that an adequate amount of protein can prevent loss of muscle tissue during weight loss. Vitamins and minerals are other nutrients essential for good health. OPTIFAST® provides 100 percent of the Recommended Dietary intake for 24 vitamins. OPTIFAST® is low in fat, but it’s important to know that the program’s nutritional products do provide some dietary fat, which is essential for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K.   The fat and protein in this food also provide a regular stimulus for healthy gallbladder function. There is also balanced amount of carbohydrates in OPTIFAST® which is required for normal functioning.

One of the best points of the program is that after some time on shakes you gradually return to self-prepared food. This gradual return allows you to begin practicing, little by little, new skills for controlling calorie intake. A gradual return to regular food is also important because it lets your body readjust to processing whole foods.

Check out the OPTIWIN STUDY – A year-long randomized controlled study of OPTIFAST® program for weight loss.

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