OPTIFAST Weight Management

Real • Simple • Delicious

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OPTIFAST Weight Loss Program

  • Real solution to loose weight

  • Simple weight management program

  • Delicious meal replacement plan

Optifast is more than a diet plan. Optifast is a lifestyle changing educational program that limits calorie intake while providing the support and expertise of healthcare professionals. The program helps you to achieve your weight loss goals and support your long-term success.

We provide:

  • Meal replacement diet

  • Medical supervision

  • Comprehensive life style education

  • Counseling

  • Ongoing personalized support

Our dedicated specialists have been guiding OPTIFAST clients to their success during last 5 years.

Research facts:

  • The OPTIFAST program resulted in twice as much weight loss and higher rates of clinically meaningful weight loss, versus a food base intervention.

  • Patients experienced greater reduction in waist circumference using OPTIFAST program.

  • OPTIFAST program patients achieved greater reduction in total fat mass.

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OPTIFAST Coordinator


OPTIFAST Coordinator